Geo-TraxMICRO Wireless GPS Tracking Device


The Geo-TraxMICRO is a powerful, multi-functional wireless GPS tracking device. User’s can ping the device on-demand, self-reboot the device, and change the tracking interval O.T.A. All of these capabilities and more is at the fingertips of Track Alaska clients. Simply amazing!

Unlimited Monthly GPS Tracking! No Overages! No Long-Term Contracts or Commitments!

60 Second Tracking Updates – $19.95 per month **One SIM Global Coverage in Over 200 Countries!**

**Pro Version: The external battery kit must be added to your cart during the checkout process.**

**Device must be activated prior to deployment. Upon activation, charges will be pro-rated for the current month.**

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  • $24.95 One SIM Card Activation Fee
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Weight.13 lbs
Dimensions2.65 × 1.57 × .82 in


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